Allergies and Eyes

How do allergies affect your eyes?

Eye AllergiesAllergies can cause redness, tearing/discharge, itchiness and even blurred vision.

Can allergies mess with your eyes?

Long-term ocular allergies may cause inflammation which may require treatment with an anti-inflammatory. It is best to treat allergies when symptoms begin.

How do you tell if you have allergies in your eyes?

The common symptoms of ocular allergies is redness, itchiness and tearing/discharge and burning.

How long does it take for allergy eyes to go away?

Most allergy eye drops can take several days to a week to alleviate symptoms.

How can a eye doctor treat my allergies in my eyes?

Eye AllergiesMost commonly ocular allergies are treated with daily use eye drops.

How can you prevent allergies in the eyes?

If you have known allergies the best course of treatment is prevention. Seeing your
ophthalmologist before or at the start of allergy season is recommended. This way treatment starts before you become symptomatic.

Can allergy eyes lead to conjunctivitis?

Yes, allergies can cause “Allergic Conjunctivitis”. This requires treatment with eye drops.

Can I take Eye drops for my allergy eyes?

Yes, there are several that work well.

Should I use home remedies for my allergy eyes?

There are no home remedies that we recommend.

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